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Celebrity Style

As you may already know Celebrities are the biggest trendsetters that we have. This is no different when it comes to Scarves, Pashminas, Wraps, Headscarves, Stoles, Throws and more.

We, at Peach Couture want to make sure that all of our trusted Customers are up to date on all the hottest trends that are out there!

Here we go??!

For the passed few years, many celebrities have been trying the Vintage look when it comes to simple scarves and pashminas, and it has been catching on like wildfire.

Which brings me to the Headscarf. This Headscarf trend has been sweeping the nation for some time now but a lot of you may not know that this trend has swept the nation before. Which brings me to: Audrey Hepburn. She makes this Headscarf look Sexy and Sophisticated all at the same time!

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Then there is the Classic Pashmina Scarf. You can never go wrong with a Pashmina Scarf. They are the most versatile accessories that you can own and can be worn in so many ways. Peach Couture has been in the Pashmina Game Forever and we have 100?s to prove it!

Which brings me to Jennifer Aniston. No one wears a pashmina scarf quite like Jen. She gives the Pashmina Scarf a good name!

Peach Couture?s Classic Pashmina Scarves are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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