Trendy and Chic Plush Ruffle Infinity Loop Tangerine Scarf
Item# trendy-chic-plush-ruffle-infinityloop-tangerine-scarf
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Product Description

New by Peach Couture (a Registered Trademark). This is a very trendy and chic ruffle knitted plush feel scarf that would accentuate your everyday look. Stylish and fancy this scarf is from our newest collection so be one of the first fashionistas to get this exclusively designed scarf. Made entirely from luxuriously soft & warm plush fabric, this ravishing ruffle Knit scarf will give you the style you've always wanted. This scarf is absolutely perfect for warmer seasons. Just imagine yourself wraped around with this luxurios soft and warm cozy scarf. Wherever you go - either for a walk in the park or on a long plane trip - this scarf will keep your comfort. Elegant Scalloped Edges give the perfect look for all occasions. This ruffle knit plush scarf can be worn long or doubled around the neck. Measures Approx: 26" x 4".

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