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Our Stylist Kit contains all of the necessary business tools you'll need, including $1,500 worth of merchandise!



Sell in person through gatherings, parties and pop-up events, as well as social media, texts and emails.



We're in this together, so we provide the training, tools and support that help you reach your goals.

Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)
Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)
Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)
Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)
Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)

Stylist Reseller Pack - $250 ($1500 Resale Value)

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We design exciting Limited Edition Vintage Pieces that have found their way to fashion magazines and catwalks thanks to their versatility and wearability. Our versatile clothing makes dressing up & looking good a whole lot easier. Our exclusive collections are sold through a national network of stylists, who build their own fashion businesses with the support of the extraordinary community of Peach Couture Stylists. Our mission is to be a force for change by helping women thrive in both the personal and professional environment.

Limited Edition Styles

Significant Income

Encouraging Community

Limited Edition Styles capturing the vibe of New York High Fashion

Peach Couture offers stylish collections of apparel and accessories. As part of our mission to support women, we give you all the right tools & info you need to grow into an independent business woman!

Clients love our ethically sourced, fair-trade boho chic clothing. Our clothes are designed to be extremely versatile, and can be used to dress up or dress down for a variety of occasions! Everybody loves Peach Coutures unparalleled value — clothes they love, that can be worn from day to night! As a stylist, you'll delight customers with our limited edition high fashion clothing and by creating enjoyable, convenient, personalized shopping experiences!

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Our Success is only a part of Your Success. While other companies try to sell you training videos, online courses, sample clothes, ebooks, and even websites – we give you all of it for free!

We know how important it is for you to raise your kids, spend quality time with your friends & family, all while pursuing success. We know this feeling all too well, because we’re mothers too & went through the same journey. I started Peach Couture 20 years ago at a time when I desperately needed to support my small family, including two toddlers, and numerous bills.

We are confident that you will be successful, and we “put our money where our mouth is” – meaning we offer you unconditional 3 month returns on our “Reseller Pack”. Our Zero Risk Policy offers a 100% buy-back guarantee.

Apples to Oranges, Peaches to Peaches. A Vibrant Community

Peach Couture is a choice of style and elegance, a choice to reflect your beauty and confidence, a respect for Mother Earth and a contribution towards betterment of others, and most importantly - a force for change to help women thrive both personally and professionally. We carry out our mission not only by employing single mothers, but by providing women like you the opportunity to launch your own fashion business with tremendous support (and no financial risk) through unparalleled personal and professional development training.