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( Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune / September 28, 2011 )

From top to bottom:

1. Peach Couture, $9.95,, bamboo rayon (India)
2. Barneys New York, $330,, 100 percent cashmere (Scotland)
3. Collection Fifty Nine, $170, Bloomingdale's,, 55 percent cashmere, 45 percent silk (China)
4. Charter Club, $88, Macy's,, 100 percent cashmere (China)
5. Cejon, $34, Macy's,, 100 percent acrylic (Italy)
6. Nordstrom, $98,, 100 percent cashmere (China)

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Peach Couture was chosen as a preferred vendor and sponsors for First Lady Luncheon organised by The Congressional Club. Founded in 1908, the purpose of The Congressional Club is to provide a non-partisan setting for friendships among the spouses of members of the House and Senate in Washington, D.C. Even though Peach Couture is a very small company but it was an honor to be a part of such a Mega event . Our unique Pashmina and Gift bags were an instant hit and were admired by every attendee.

Our customers Love our products and we at Peach Couture value each customer as a foundation stone for making women's dream come true. Peach Couture is featured on many National TV shows including world famous Celebrations by David Tutera on Women's Entertainment TV. Our finest quality woven art Pashmina Shawl will keep you warm and looking incredibly polished whatever the elegance and beauty. Expertly woven with only the finest fabrics, the Pashmina Shawl can be used all year and for any occasion. Due to the amazing versatility & practicality of this Pashmina Shawl, anytime is a good time - day and night, while traveling and at home, formal events and casual outings, as a wrap, shawl and scarf. A timeless, must-have piece that you can always carry with you. Pashmina is more of a symbolic term for a shawl/ scarf. Peach Couture specializes in wide variety of super high-quality pashmina's. A luxurious pashmina scarf, pashmina shawls or even a pashmina wrap is a fashionable complement to any outfit no matter what the time, place, season, event or special occasion.

All our shawls are handwoven for your special comfort; making it the finest and softest pashmina shawl ever made. Choose from one of our finest shawls :-

100 % Cashmere Pashmina

70% Cashmere, 30% Silk

100 % Wool Pashmina

 Paisley Pashmina

Silky Feel Pashmina Style Scarves

Pashmina accessories are available in a range of sizes and fabrics:

 (12" x 60")

 (28" x 80")

Full Size Shawl
 (28" x 88")

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