How to use Scarves to cover your Face

You can use a Scarf to cover your face and use them as a face mask against weather elements. Using a scarf to cover face gives yo the flexibility to add or remove as many layers since you have plenty of fabric to play with. 


How to tie a Infinity Loop Scarf to cover your face:

Fold the Infinity loop so that you criss cross to create a smaller loops. Depending on the lenght of the scarf you have you can create the loops. Use the scarf to wear it arround your neck and pull the layers Up to coveryour face.



 How to tie a Pashmina Scarf to cover you face:

Many of us have several PAshmina scarves at our Home. Versatile and multiuse these scarves are madeof Thick fasric to provide you proection from cold weather. You can alsi use PAshmina SCarves to cover your face. Weather you are in your office, home, or travelling on an Airplane or in your Car. Pashmina scarves can come handy when you just want a little warmth while the Air-Condition is doing its wonders. You can also use PAshmins Scarves on the beach and even Tie your Pashmina on your face as a Face Coverup.




How to tie an Oblong Scarf to cover yoru face:

Easitest and Quickest way is to simply fold the Scarf lenghtwise and vcreate the number of layers you would like. Then put the center of the Scarf to cover your face while losely tying the lose ends at the back of your neck. 




How to tie a Square Scarf to cover your face:

Fold the Square Scarf to create a traingle shape by laying one opposite end on the other. Now you can take the Center Part of the Triangle Scarf to cover you face and tie the ends at the back of your face.