Monogramming and Personalizing Pashmina Scarves is all the rave Nowadays. Whether it be a Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event, or just a gift for that Special someone, monogramming is the perfect way to put that extra bit of elegance on your Pashminas.

Peach Couture offers a variety of different monogramming styles and techniques. Peach Couture has over 1,000 scarves, pashminas, wraps, stoles, and Throws that can all be personalized with you?re your choice of font style, size and color.

Once you have picked your own personal monogramming style you are well on your way to having a uniquely styled Pashmina Scarf of your very own.


-$6.50 for every three Initials. (Plus the price of your Scarves).

-Logos will need special pricing depending on the size, and detail of the Logo. (Also price of Digitization)

(Pricing does vary)

Please Contact one of Our Peach Couture Customer Service Representatives to Help you with your Monogramming Order!

Below are just a few examples of our Pashminas and what Peach Couture Monogramming has to offer.