Peach Couture Over-sized Aviator Style Sunglasses with Thick Colorful Frame

Regular price $59.85 Sale price $19.95

Brand: Peach Couture


  • Brand: Peach Couture (A Registered Trademark)
  • Variety of colorful frames with a black faded lens can be paired with a ton of looks and styles.
  • Aviator style sunglasses are a classic must have that never go out of style!
  • Look fabulous while still protecting your eyes from the sun with these UV-protected sunglasses.
  • Sold as 1 pair or 2 Pack, Must select Color Option: 2 Pack with Colors desired.

Details: New by Peach Couture (a registered trademark). Take a pair of original Aviator style sunglasses, add size and colorful frames, and you have an over-sized pair of shades you can wear all year around in many different colors to match any style or outfit. 2 Pack includes 2 colorful vibrant pairs of Aviator Sunglasses. Don't miss your chance to own these fabulous sunglasses at an exceptional price! The Aviator style screams iconic rock and roll. The frames of these sunglasses come in a variety of colors for a fun and trendy look. The perfect pair of shades for the spring and summer seasons. Look awesome while protecting your eyes with these UV-protected sunglasses! Nothing beats a classic style pair of shades, never going out of style, always popular and chic. Peach Couture features a whole line of fun accessories to choose from.

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